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Student Offerings October 12, 2007

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the 8 O’Clock - $30

The 8 O’Clock 

A Box of Morning Goodies: granola bars, muffins, juice boxes, pop-tarts, fruit snacks,

and either cappuccino, cocoa, or chai tea mix to wake your student up for class! 



Large Study Break - $35

The Large Study Break

A CD crate crammed with munchies and sweets:  mini bags of cookies,

chips and snack mixes, Twizzlers, mini chocolate bars, popcorn, chewy

fruit candies, pretzels, and cappuccino, cocoa or chai mixes. 

$35 Large/$20 Small


For ordering information, see right side of page.


One Response to “Student Offerings”

  1. Linda Says:

    GREAT!!! It’s a start! We’ll get it looking very pretty in no time!!

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